Schedule Changes for this week.

On Monday, September 7th, Labor Day, we will only have one Mass at 8:15 am. Then on Tuesday, September 8th, we will have two daily Masses: 6:15 am and 8:15 am. I discontinued 8:15 am Mass when the lockdown went into effect back in March.

When public Masses resumed in May, I did not feel it was necessary to have two Masses a day, especially since I was by my lonesome. Things have changed now. We have a second priest (Thanks, Fr. Jim!) and our school children may eventually get back into the swing of things. Although right now, the schedule is a bit strange. Be that as it may, we will have two Masses a day now.

We are also starting up Eucharistic Adoration on Tuesday, September 8th. Beginning after the 8:15 am Mass until 6:00 am the next morning. We are still looking for people to attend. I think it is very safe and we have had a lot of people asking for it to return. So if you can give an hour or so a month, it would be appreciated.

Finally, Monday is Labor Day. It is no secret that there was a spike in Covid-19 cases after the Fourth of July. Please be careful. If you are inside, use your masks and try to stay socially distant. If you are outside, things are a bit freer, yet I would still be aware of getting too close to someone over a period of time. Let’s all stay healthy!!

Father Kevin

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