What’s the story of
the hidden daisies among the roses,
& the stars which break at the dawn,
or the littered leaves after the storm.
Saleem Sharma

Today I would like to remember the unsung heroes of Holy Redeemer, all those people who do work to keep this place going in the midst of the wackiness that is the Year of Our Lord 2020. The danger here is that I forget someone. Please forgive me in advance.

Let’s start out with a group of people who have picked up the slack since Fr. Brown left last year: The Brown Thumbs. I had no clue as to how to garden, no experience, no expertise. That is when a group of parishioners stepped up and took on the massive job of making Holy look amazing. Although I can now recognize a lantana, I am in debt to those who have worked to make this place look great. We need more help, especially this fall to rake leaves (even I can do that). But I wanted to say thank you to all those who have made this place beautiful. There are too many to name, but Jeanne Samson and Joanne Fogarty have been leading the way. Thanks all!

In the midst of the pandemic, one of the huge changes we have had here at Holy Redeemer is a live streamed Mass. I think it is safe to say that none of us knew what we were doing when we began, so the learning curve was steep. Thanks to Mike Huggins and Jason Hodge (and family) who have performed this vital service especially for those who cannot get out at the present time. This has extended the outreach of Holy internationally. We have been watched across the US and in several foreign countries. (Everyone loves our impeccable sound!) We are looking to update this system and make our production values better. We will be looking for volunteers to run the show. It will be better and it will be easier.

Next week, more unsung heroes of Holy Redeemer.

Father Kevin

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