Getting Back to (Semi) Normal

Next week we are going to reinstitute a couple of things back into our Masses. First, we are going to bring back our Procession of Gifts. There is no reason why we shouldn’t, it is perfectly safe. All of us ministers have been vaccinated and we will still be wearing masks. (Although that is becoming a bit annoying since most of us are vaccinated.) We will also be bringing back the collection at that time. Once again, it is perfectly safe. All of this will begin NEXT SUNDAY on the feast of Pentecost.

Get vaccinated. The faster we get this done, the faster we get back to the things we love to do.

Don’t do it for yourself, do it for us.

First Communions

All of our second-graders have made their First Communions! If you were at Mass last Saturday night, you got a treat! We had one second grad- er who needed to make it. (Long story – not all that surprising.) But instead of being all by her- self, several of her classmates showed up in full First Communion garb to support her. It was awesome! After Communion, they all came for- ward with various religious items they had re- ceived from their families for me to bless. That was doubly awesome. I am proud of these students, their teachers and their families. Well done everyone!

Are You Ready For The Summer?

I have been conditioned from thirty-five years of full-time educational experience to get a bit excited when the middle of May arrives. I am a summer guy.  Spring is fine.  Autumn is OK.  Winter is not my favorite time. But summer means breaking out of the ordinary, getting out into the sun (with a healthy lather of sunscreen) and en- joying life. For your information, I have a two

week vacation planned for the end of July and the beginning of August, my first since the summer of 2018 when I traveled to Scotland. I think it is important to get away for awhile. Nothing personal, but I have been in Webster a bit too long continuously. Getting away helps you appreciate the things you have around you and gives your mind a much needed break. In case you are wondering, I am heading up to Wisconsin and Michigan with my classmates to play some golf.

It should be fun.

Summer Projects

We have a couple of summer projects going on here at Holy. We will be installing a new sign up on the front lawn. The old sign is looking a bit ragged, and it takes a lot of energy and time to change it. I think you will find this a welcome improvement. We will also be replacing the tile on the second floor of the classroom wing, as well as fixing and refinishing the gym floor. Hopefully everything will be in tiptop shape for school to reopen in August.


We will be meeting with the Archdiocese next week to set up a new Endowment for Holy Redeemer with the money we got from the Carrigan estate, as well as rewording the present Endowment specifically for school needs. The Finance Committee met and had a fascinating discussion about how the money should be saved. Basically, we are treating it as if we never got it and then use the interest, in perpetuity, for the various needs of the parish. I think this is a wise move that will keep Holy Redeemer Parish strong for many years to come.

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