Welcome to the New Normal! At least for a while.

As you are probably aware of, our school will be closed until at least April 6th. This may be longer. Many of you are probably just reading this on line, that is one way to keep in touch and to stay a vibrant parish.

Many people are questioning whether or not our reaction to Covid 19 is an overreaction. It isn’t. I like the metaphor that Dr. Fauci uses when he talks about contagion. He compares it to hockey. “You go where the puck will be, not where the puck was.” In other words, it is important to slow the spread of the virus (it probably won’t be stopped), so that the number of infections does not spike and wreak havoc on our medical system. What is happening in Italy is terrifying. The illness rampaged through areas of that country, and they simply could not handle it. 368 people died in one day. So we do what we can.

1.) Wash your hand regularly with soap and water. Basically, I do it before and after every Mass. Everytime you come home, wash.
2.) Stay away from large crowds. In a population of 1000, if just one person is contagious, in time many more will become sick. The problem with contagion is twofold. A person may be contagious and will not exhibit any symptoms. Second, and more ominously, that is precisely the moment when they are MOST contagious.
3.) Boost your immune system. Continue to exercise, eat healthy, drink water and get enough sleep. That last suggestion may be the hardest for some of you.
4.) If you are sick or at risk, STAY HOME. Call someone if you need help.
5.) Resist the urge to panic. We need to take this seriously, but keep our wits about us. No one really knows all the statistics about this. The virus is serious, most people who get it recover.

We are doing this to protect those who are most vulnerable, we are doing this to support those who help our society stay healthy, the women and men of our health system. Everyone needs to do their part. We will make it through.

If you miss Mass, my homilies are on the website in written form and on the My Parish App as a podcast. There is also Mass streaming on line in various places.
Father Kevin

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