For the next two weekends we will be celebrating First Communion with our Second Graders, both from the Day School and our PSR program. I hope you will join me in praying for them as they make this giant step in their spiritual development. The past two years has been tough on them in partic- ular, with distance learning, wearing masks and the like. And so I hope on this occasion that they find joy, they find growth, they find the Lord that loves them and holds them close.

 Last week they had an evening of reflection about the Sacrament with their parents, and they celebrated the fact that, even though they have been through much, their families and their parish family cares a lot about them. It is always a joy walking into the classroom and seeing the enthusiasm, the energy and the excitement that these children exhibit. They are infinitely curious and as a former teacher I appreciate that.

My hope is that as they take this step, they may realize that even though life is not al- ways easy, life is not always how you imag- ined it would be, there is still grace, there is still joy, there is still life and there is still so much to be grateful for.

And that is what we celebrate in the Eucharist. Happy First Communion!


After last Sunday’s inspirational talk by Amy Diemer of the St. Francis Center for Legal Services, I made my pledge for the ACA. Even if you can only give a little, it is important that all parishioners participate in this effort. Last year was a tough year for the ACA and I am hoping that this year Holy Redeemer rebounds beautifully. We were given a great example of generosity this past year by being included in Marcia Carrigan’s estate. We now need to respond in kind. Please fill out your form or go online to participate. There are so many services that are offered to people in real need. Our parish has shown in the past in- credible open heartedness, and I know that you will respond beautifully. Look here for updates as to how we are doing.


I have been fully vaccinated and I hope you will be too. The sooner we get this job done, the sooner we will get to do the things we love to do, like EVERYTHING WE COULD NOT DO LAST YEAR!

Have a blessed week!

Father Kevin

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