A Grateful Heart

Holy Week doesn’t just happen. It takes a lot of people to make it work. And so, it is with a grateful heart that I offer deep thanks to all who made it happen. I will start with our musician Todd Senzig and all of the choir who worked long hours to lead us in song throughout the week and especially during the Triduum. Todd would be the first to admit that he had a lot of help including a few people who helped out during the Vigil on Saturday night. Next I would like to thank Teresa Corby and her crew who decorated the church, it looked beautiful. They were helped by our sacristan Susanne Doran and her crew who cleaned the church to prepare us for Easter. Next I would like to thank Deacon Pat and all of the ministers of the Word and of the Eucharist and the ushering crew who served so wonderfully this week. And finally, I would like to thank our not-so-new associate pastor, Fr. Gene. We talked early on about taking on the job of organizing the Easter Vigil, the most complicated of all liturgies and he did an outstanding job. Inevitably, when you start naming names, you will forget someone. If I have, I apologize. It was quite a week.

Divine Mercy Sunday

Today is designated as Diving Mercy Sunday (who doesn’t need that?). This afternoon we will have a special Divine Mercy Cele- bration from 2:30-3:30 pm. The service will include inspirational music, Sacred Scripture and the recitation of the Divine Mercy Chaplet.


We are gearing up for the Annual Catholic Appeal. The weekend of April 29/30, we will have a guest speaker on the Appeal. For 35 years, I was a direct beneficiary of the Appeal because of my work in the Archdiocesan High Schools. This appeal benefits so many individuals throughout our area. This year, because of All Things New, the appeal will be especially important and it will be particularly crucial for parishes like Holy Redeemer to do our part. I ask that all of you participate in this effort. If you have never given, your participation, however small, sends a vital message. If you have given in the past, I ask that you consider raising your offering.

Two months ago when I was down in Houston,the parish where I celebrated Mass was having a similar appeal for their diocese. The parish had almost 8000 families, but only a mere 178 of those families participated in the appeal. I was stunned. If I had been pastor of that parish, I would have been embarrassed. The truth is, their appeal has never been a priority. In our Archdio cese it is, so I am confident that Holy Redeemer parishioners will come through to help their neighbors and strengthen our community of faith.


It’s time.

I have had several people ask me about returning to Communion under both species. I was thinking about it around Christmas and then Covid raised its ugly head again. But with First Communion next week many of the parents were asking about it. So we will start Communion under both species for the congregation starting next weekend. All of this means that we will need more Communion ministers at our Sunday Masses. If you are interested, please see myself or Fr. Gene.

If you are concerned about your health and the common cup, there is a simple answer: You don’t have to receive from the cup. That has been and always will be an option here at Holy Redeemer.


You may have noticed that our flag is missing from the front of church. There is no conspiracy, there is no protest. The flag was getting a bit tattered (we have had some wild wind conditions), so we are getting a replacement.

Old Glory will be back shortly.

Father Kevin

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