September 25th, 2022

All Things New

I don’t think that it is hyperbolic to say that the next month will be a vital and important one for both Holy Redeemer Parish and School. As was mentioned last week in our bulletin, we will have two listening sessions on October 18 and 20 be- ginning at 6 pm and ending at 8 pm. Further- more, as has been the custom over the past few years we will also be counting the number of people attending Sunday (Saturday evening, too) Liturgy. (It’s a good month to start coming back to Mass!!)

In order to participate in the listening sessions here at Holy, you must register with the Arch- diocese.  Registration is easy.  Fr. Gene and I are willing to help those who need it to sign up on line. Here is the process.

1.) Go to the Archdiocesan Website ( 2.) Click on the round icon at top that says: ALL THINGS NEW.

3.) Scroll down to WAYS TO ENGAGE and click on that.

4.) Select LISTENING SESSIONS and click on that.

When you get to the page to register, you will be asked several questions:

1.) Your NAME



4.) How long have you been at the parish?

5.) Which of these best describes YOUR ROLE at the parish?

6.) How much communication have you received about All Things New from your parish?

7.) How much communication have you received about All Things New from the Archdiocese?

8.) Describe your expectation of participating in your parish’s listening sessions.

The whole process should take you about 5-10 minutes. You will also find on that website the various planning areas and the workbooks we used to evaluate our parish. It is actually very interesting.

Hopefully, when you come to the listening sessions, you will have done a bit of research on this whole process.

Remember, in order to participate in the listening sessions here at Holy, you must register in advance.

So, Fr. Kevin, what do you think is going to happen?

Well…I don’t know. Back in August, all of the priests of the Archdiocese were presented with the various models for the fifteen planning areas. All of the models with Holy had some issues. At the beginning of September, I wrote the Vicar for Strategic Planning, outlining what I felt was the best and most natural thing that could happen in this area. None of the other models made good sense to me. It was actually the second letter I had written, the first being tossed for being a bit whiny. (A lesson for all of us. Always take your opinions to the “whine” press so to remove the sour grapes.)

The trouble is that this process is extremely com- plex. I liken it to a 176 sided Rubik’s Cube.  If you feel frustrated with this whole program, I get it. But it is important to be open minded and charitable as well as straightforward in these matters.

Hang in there. Not only will All Things be New. All will be well.

Father Kevin

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