April 18th, 2021


Confessionals are back! As I mentioned at some of the Masses this weekend, Wednesday will mark two weeks since I got my second shot, so I will resume celebrating the Sacrament of Reconciliation in my Reconciliation Room AKA the Confessional. Masks are still required, but you may go either face-to-face (with proper distance) or anonymously.

First Communions! Over the next two week- ends (April 25 and May 2), our second graders from our day school and PSR will be receiving their First Communions. This is a special time for these children and their families. There were so many that we had to break them up into two groups. (Last year, it was three!) So, first of all, keep them in your prayers.  Second, and this goes especially for the April 25 date, space will be limited, so unless you are family… I hope to acknowledge the children at subsequent Sunday Masses, so that we all can congratulate these amazing children on this important step in their spiritual development.

ACA! The Annual Catholic Appeal kicks off this weekend. As always, I will assume that Holy Re- deemer will do its part in this important endeav- or. For thirty five years, I was directly impacted by the ACA in my work in Catholic High Schools. It is getting increasingly more difficult to keep these institutions open, and the ACA is a vital part of their survival. But the ACA does so much more, impacting the lives of so many people in the area. Last year in the midst of the pandemic, there was even more need. As I said, I am sure that our parish, committed to helping the needy will do its part. I would like to personally thank Mary Smith, who has spearheaded this drive in our parish for many years, for her dedication to this effort.

Getting back to normal (somewhat)! (Yep, that gets an exclamation point.) The weekend of Pentecost, I would like to return to taking up col- lections and having a procession of gifts. I realize these are small things, and to be honest, things have been going well without them, but I think it is time for a bit of normalcy. We are not fully there yet, so masks are still required as is some distancing, but as more and more people get vac- cinated, I would like to get more people involved in the liturgy. That leads to the last item:

Volunteers! We have had some amazing people step up in the midst of this wacky year and go above and beyond the call of duty.  You may have noticed the same students serving at Mass, week after week. You did not notice the students who have worked our live-stream, but they have been remarkable. Our ushers have done a great job keeping everyone safe during this time. Our communion ministers and readers have been faithful in their tasks. As things open up, I would ask for more volunteers to serve, to work the live

-stream (easy, easy, easy to learn and a lot of fun), to help with ushering duties, to do the read- ings and to help with communion. If you would like to volunteer call the rectory, and we will get you on the list!!

Thanks to all in the parish who have kept this place going through this remarkable time.

We have done well Holy Redeemer!!

Father Kevin

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