May 19th, 2024

Odds and Ends


We would like to congratulate our Kindergarteners and our Eighth Graders who will graduate this week. (I realize that some of the high schools and colleges have already had their Graduations. Congratulations to all of these students as well!!) I like how we often call graduations – commencements. That is indeed what they are. They are not endings, but beginnings. Often they are beginnings of a new and vibrant future. Our Eighth Graders, affectionately known as “The Men’s Club” have been great leaders of our school community. They will now go to various high schools around the area (SLUH, Vianney, CBC and DeSmet).

A couple of weeks ago, as is our custom, they came to the rectory to have lunch and we talked about their time here at Holy Redeemer as well as their hopes for the future. I tell each of them that over the next four years, they should try something out of their comfort zones. (I mention that it should be legal…) That is the only way I know how to grow, how to expand, how to thrive.

Congrats to all of our graduates!!

 Summertime…and the livin’ is easy.

After school lets out this week, our Mass schedule will change to a summer schedule. On May 27th, Memorial Day, we will have only one Mass at 8:15 am. (We will have a special Mass time for the Fourth of July.) Then we will only have one weekday Mass at 6:15 am.

There are a couple of reasons for this. Our 6:15 am Mass is fairly well attended, drawing a congregation from across the area. There are parishioners from St. Michael’s, Annunciation, Mary Queen of Peace and St. Mary Magdalen who attend because it is the earliest Mass in the Greater Shrewsbury-Webster-Brentwood area. Second, Fr. Charlie and myself will be gone occasionally this summer. I will be gone the last week in May and for two weeks in July. Thus, it makes sense to go to one daily Mass.  If early Mass is not your thing, I would encourage you to visit one of our neighboring parishes, most of them are only five minutes or so away from Holy Redeemer. Mary Queen has Mass at 8 am. St. Michael’s has Mass at 7 am. Annunciation has Mass at 8:30 am. St. Mary Magdalen has Masses at noon and 5:30 pm. (It changes a bit, check their website.) As you can see, opportunities abound. Don’t worry, 8:15 am Mass will return on August 12th.

 Disciples Make Disciples

This weekend, the feast of Pentecost, we will be offering a free booklet written by the Archbishop called Disciples Make Disciples. I encourage you to take one home and read it. It is a call to our mission to share the Good News. It offers concrete examples of people of faith and how they shared the love of God with others. (One of the saints highlighted is in my Top Ten: St. Katherine Drexel.) This booklet is meant as a starting point for us to take our faith seriously and recognize how vital it is to share that faith, that hope, that love of God with others. As a poem I once read says so vividly: Christ has no hands but our hands. If it is going to be, it is up to me.

 ACA Update 

I would like to thank all of you who have already made your pledge to the Annual Catholic Appeal. The published goal for Holy Redeemer Parish is $88,948. We are well over two- thirds of the way to our goal with a total as of last week of $64,161. If you have not filled out your pledge yet, please do so. As I have said many times, I would rather have strong participation from our parishioners. The amount you give, though vital, is not as crucial as the fact that people participated in the appeal. Giving could not be easier. You can fill out your card or you can go online and give. And once again, if you have already given, thank you!

Father Kevin

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