Team Formation

While CYC sports for K through 4th grade children was purely instructional, starting in 5th grade, CYC begins competitive play. The South Central District`s athletic philosophy is to have athletes compete at levels corresponding with their skill level beginning in 5th grade. The South Central District makes their best effort to group all parish teams into tiered leagues where the majority of teams in each tier fall into the same category of ability. The purpose for this league classification system is to help equalize the competitiveness of each team across all parishes and allow all players to have a more positive CYC athletic experience and the greatest chance for individual growth.

The HRAA enlists parents, who know their children and age group best, to vote on whether they want the HR teams assembled as competitive or balanced. The vote on team formation will take place each year, for each grade that has enough children to form two or more teams. A competitive vote means that athletes with similar skill level will be placed on a team with like-skilled athletes. A balanced vote means that athletes of similar skill level will be equally distributed between the teams.

Please note that all children are guaranteed a spot on one of the teams regardless of this vote.

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